Belinda Summers


Need More Business Sales Leads? Why Not Use More Email Marketing?

18th June 2015
When it comes to online marketing and lead generation , there are a lot of options available to business owners. A popular choice the past few years has been social media marketing, partly because of the ease with which you can build your brand identity... Read >

How To Form A Successful B2b Telemarketing Campaign

09th February 2012
Truth to be told, b2b telemarketing is not limited to traditional way of running the campaign. There are a lot of ideas to apply to the campaign to let it improve in terms of success rating. These ideas are immeasurable for the number of ideas are as ma... Read >

Can Telemarketing Still Work?

20th January 2012
Now that you've made the smart choice and you've finally decided to migrate your sales and marketing efforts to Telemarketing, there's definitely nowhere else to go but up. Of course, the time it will take for your company to get there will depend entirel... Read >